Looking Forward to Autumn

Fall is upon us, and with the change of the seasons comes relief from the Lowcountry August Dog Days!  We look forward to beautiful colors as many of our trees prepare for the new season. And we especially welcome cooler temperatures.

The Challenges of Fall

With all the lovely aspects that the Autumn brings, there are ways we can prepare for the challenges this new season may bring. It is important to begin to plan for the cooler temperatures.  Planning for autumn, is even more important for seniors living alone or in assisted living communities. The onset of autumn often means and increase in season-related falls and illnesses while the changing climate sets in. Here are a few tips on welcoming the new seasons safely:

Wear Layers, When Going Out.

Throughout the fall, temperatures can begin to feel cooler. However with the fall season, even in Lowcountry, one can find that it may be warm during the day and chiller by the evening. Be prepared for both instances with a sweatshirt, light jacket, or a hat, according to where you are located.

Senior Care and Seasonal Vaccines.

Cold and flu season begins in the fall, so getting a seasonal flu vaccine can help prevent unwanted illnesses. Washing your hands frequently and thoroughly throughout the day with hot, soapy water for at least 30 seconds prevents the spread of bacteria and germs. Be sure to get lots of sleep to strengthen your immune system to help your body naturally fight intruders.

Outdoor Precautions and Senior Care.

Autumn remains warm enough to get out and enjoy outsides activities. The autumn weather can present certain obstacles for the elderly since rains cause slick surfaces and falling foliage could cause risky and low visible walking conditions. Consider using a walking assistant like a cane, if you don’t have one. They can be considered a fashion statement, in addition to helping you maintain your balance.

Be Prepared For an Emergency

Transitioning weather can cause storms leading to power outages, loss of heat, water and phone services. Inclement weather means a difficult time venturing out for essential supplies. Prepare for emergency situations:

  • Store lots of non-perishables and clean water.
  • Keep candles, fresh batteries, flashlights, extra blankets, Sterno fuel and a battery-operated radio available.
  • Don’t wait on a crisis to establish a system of communication. Everyone, not just the elderly, living alone ought to create a “buddy system.”

And as always, we are always available to assist you and offer activities to enhance not only the season, but your life as well.

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