To Our Community and Friends:

I am happy to announce that the senior center is back open for our senior clients to enjoy!  The July grand re-opening was like a wonderful family reunion for staff and clients alike.

Our programming is fully operating with breakfast, activities and lunch service. We would be happy to host volunteers, groups who would like to sponsor an activity.

Meals on Wheels remains functioning as normal- still serving a hot meal each weekday to clients in need.  Today we are serving more than 700 meals a day!

Because of the increased number of meals being served- the need for volunteers is great.

We have built several new volunteer routes. Volunteers will be asked to complete a quick training and be willing to commit to one day a week.

The hours for this opportunity are 9;30am- Noon.  Routes take about 2-3 hours total.  Food can be picked up from our downtown location or our North Charleston site at Azalea Drive Church of Christ.

Sign-up HERE

Thank you again for your support!

Donna Cook Executive Director

P.S. Check out our monthly calendars  HERE

CASC Updates

Important CASC Updates

  • Our emergency food pantry is still open Tuesday and Wednesday 1-3:00pm.  We are in need of food donations to replenish our pantry- food drives are crucial to our ability to serve clients in need.
  • Meals on Wheels is running as normal.  Donations to purchase extra meals are appreciated.
  • We are now accepting volunteers for all programs!

Captain Kirk will boldly go where some men have gone before, on a suborbital flight aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard launch system.

Actor William Shatner of “Star Trek” fame and Blue Origin‘s Audrey Powers, the vice president of missions and flight operations, will fill the last two seats on the company’s second crewed flight, due to blast off from New Shepard’s west Texas launch site in just over a week, on Oct. 12. Rumors were swirling in late September that the 90-year-old actor would be on the company’s second flight, which today’s announcement confirms.

“So now I can say something,” Shatner wrote on Twitter today. “Yes, it’s true; I’m going to be a ‘rocket man!'”

Shatner and his crewmates will fly just shy of three months after New Shepard’s first crewed flight, which carried the company’s founder, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and three other passengers on a 10-minute flight that reached 66.5 miles (107 kilometers) in altitude.

“I’ve heard about space for a long time now,” Shatner said in a Blue Origin statement. “I’m taking the opportunity to see it for myself. What a miracle.”

In photosBlue Origin’s 1st New Shepard passenger launch with Jeff Bezos

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An Update! He’s baaaack! Safe landing on 10/13/21!

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Medicare enrollees have a decision to make:

Choose pay-per-service health insurance under original Medicare or become a member of an MA plan that gets paid a lump sum by the federal government to provide all your care.

In 2005, 13 percent of enrollees chose the MA option, and the growth has been steady ever since; enrollment in Advantage plans rose 10 percent between 2020 and 2021 alone. One reason for this growth is all the extra benefits MA plans provide — but which Congress has not yet allowed original Medicare to offer. For example, many MA plans tout gym benefits plus some dental, vision and hearing care.

And in recent years, government officials have given the plans permission to offer transportation to doctor appointments, modifications to beneficiaries’ homes such as wheelchair ramps, and even carpet cleaning to help people with respiratory problems.

AARP is lobbying Congress to allow original Medicare to offer similar benefits to its enrollees, as is the Center for Medicare Advocacy, which stated in a March report that “there is a growing imbalance between Medicare Advantage and traditional Medicare relating to the scope of coverage.”


Help Us Help Seniors

Meals on Wheels Charleston


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We are guided by a single goal – to support our senior neighbors to extend their independence and health as they age.

That goal also extends to the dozens of volunteers who work with us. From the kind people who deliver the meals and meet with our clients, to the dedicated cooks in our kitchen—we are all one caring community.

Meals on Wheels of Charleston is a community-based program designed specifically to meet the nutritional and social needs of seniors.


Living Longer, Healthier, and Happier!

How do we live normal lives in a world gone mad?

Reading the New York Times on a Sunday morning makes for an animated family dynamic. “All the news that’s fit to print” leaves my husband fit to be tied.

He spends an hour reading the articles in the front sections, another hour on the opinion pieces in the Week in Review. Finally, a second coffee emptied, he looks up from the newspaper, a grimace telling me the question on his mind is more a declarative sentence than a request for an answer. Has the world gone mad? he asks.

He shows me a picture of a border control officer on horseback, riding down a Haitian refugee like a plantation slave master. The article about the restrictive voting “rights” bill signed into law by the governor of Texas leaves him apoplectic. “Arlene,” his voice rising, “there are QAnon crazy people in Congress!” He goes through the pages pointing out stories about the political squabbles in Washington (he has a choice name for McConnell). He shakes his head in disbelief while reading the inane quotes from the anti-vaxxers.

The tone is plaintiff: What are we to make of this? How do we live normal, decent lives in the midst of such brutality, indifference, and prejudice?

I think about my answer carefully. Because I know breakfast tables all around the world are confronting similar questions and how I and they respond would determine the future for generations to come.

I choose to remain optimistic. I choose to uncover our light, which like the sun, always rises each morning even if the clouds keep us from seeing it. For humanity, for our planet, there is no other choice.

I believe in the basic good that exists in all of us. We all are products of our families, cultures and environments but we each have the inner wisdom that guides us to choose our own path. Along the way there are excellent instructors to lend their wisdom. I have found solace and encouragement from several contemporary writers and teachers. Tara Brach and Perma Chodron focus on compassion. Michael Singer encourages surrender to the moment. Lee Holden and Jeff Chand offer meditation in motion through Qigong.

Ultimately my husband’s question goes beyond the disturbing news of the day. It is shorthand for the eternal questions, who am I, where did I come from, where am I going?

And I answer accordingly: I am consciousness; I came from consciousness; I am going back to consciousness.

Howard thinks for a moment and a benign smile replaces his frown. He rifles through the sections and finds the Crossword Puzzle. He can usually finish it, with a little help from yours truly.

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Ansonborough House

Located In the heart of the Historic District in downtown Charleston

Community Support Services

Links to all local and state agencies for senior adults

Emergency Food Services

There is great need in the Charleston area for our senior population.

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COVID Delivery Team

Volunteers needed to deliver food to elderly!


CASC Responds to CoronaVirus

CASC Closed to Public In an abundance of caution and to keep our clients safe- CASC  will close to clients effective 3/18-3/31. Senior Center clients will have a hot meal delivered to their home. CASC…

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