Emergency Food Services/Charleston Food Pantry


Charleston South Carolina Food Pantries.

Families in Charleston County South Carolina can contact food pantries, banks, churches, and other charities as well as non-profits for assistance. There are locations in the area that offer free or low cost food, groceries, clothing, and other help. The region is supported by a few dozen main centers that are fully committed to assisting anyone in the area who needs help.

The various food pantry services are for the people of the greater Charleston area. Many of the sites located are at local churches, or partner with both local and national food banks and assistance agencies. Every month thousands of local families take advantage of the services offered and stop by for meals, perishable items, consultations, holiday gifts and meals, case management, and other aid.

Staff provide support in other ways as well, and can even direct clients to government assistance such as applications to SNAP food stamp benefits or free school lunches. All of this is in addition to the free food that is provided. In addition, pantries are a great place for both information and referral for other needs that the centers do not meet.

 CASC maintains an Emergency Food Pantry located at 259 Meeting Street in Charleston.


  • Emergency food is available to anyone regardless of age.
  • Each client household receives enough food for one month.

Hours of Operation:

Effective 3/1/19

We will be OPEN:

Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 1-3:30

Non-Discrimination Statement


  • Each client household receives enough food for one month.
  • Clients are asked to call ahead and make an appointment for food. Walk-in clients for emergency food will be served as soon as possible by CASC staff.
  • Clients must complete a brief application before receiving a box of food.
  • All clients are entered into Charity Tracker, a Tri-County data base for basic needs services.

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